On the Agenda

NYJA believes it is vital for our core constituency to be well-educated about the critical issues we are tackling. To that end, we launched our On the Agenda webinar series this year, featuring a diversity of speakers, including politicians, academics, and Jewish thought leaders. The webinars will always be available free of charge to the public.

Our first event focused on the COVID-19 response in NY and featured City Councilman Brad Lander, Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul, and Congressman Jerry Nadler. Our second event, attended by over 1,100 people, was a thoughtful and engaging online panel in response to Peter Beinart’s article on the challenges facing the two-state solution, and it featured Beinart, Rabbi Jill Jacobs, and Jeremy Ben-Ami.

Recordings of all previous events are available on our YouTube channel.

Rapid Response

The NYJA network’s ability to respond quickly and decisively when critical issues arise lies at the heart of our organization’s mission. With the depth and breadth of our connections across New York, we can mobilize a meaningful response to breaking news within hours. You can see examples of this rapid response work in the 450+ rabbis we organized to sign a statement in favor of COVID-19 public health compliance when protests broke out in Borough Park and the letter we wrote to Governor Cuomo with over 100 Jewish organizations urging him not to undo the state’s bail reform law.

Jewish Community Coalition on Criminal Justice Reform

NYJA is a founding member of this coalition, and currently serves on the steering committee. We have played a pivotal role in shaping the coalition’s work on advocacy and education that supports the criminal justice reform agenda in New York. The coalition recognizes the need for systemic changes to a discriminatory system rooted in racism that denies equal justice under the law to persons based on race, gender, ethnicity or economic status, and we are committed to achieving those systemic changes. You can read more about the coalition’s work and upcoming events here.

New Yorkers Against Annexation

In response to the Israeli government’s push to annex disputed areas of the West Bank in Summer 2020, NYJA rapidly organized a campaign to show politicians in New York and in Israel that the mainstream New York Jewish community strongly opposed these plans, which we viewed as catastrophic to the realization of a just and negotiated resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. While annexation has been put on pause for now in the aftermath of Israel’s agreement with the United Arab Emirates, many Israeli government leaders remain committed to the annexation strategy, and it is important that we stay vigilant and ready to engage if the plans are reactivated again in the future. You can read our letter and add your voice here.